Client Results

Over the last decade of working with hundreds of people on a 1-1 basis to achieve a better health or physique outcome, I’ve been privileged to watch countless people’s lives change for the better. Below you’ll see just a few of the success stories from this time. These people have worked hard and deserve their results, but it isn’t magic and they didn’t sacrifice their entire lives to change the way their body looks, feels and moves. If you like what you see and want to chat about how you could be the next success story on this list, press one of the buttons on this page to learn more about my 6-week Body Transformation Programme.

Sam Smith

After training on my on for a while I started to lose the ambition to get in better shape and training became a task. Andy helped me get back on track, improving my strength and changing my workouts so that I enjoyed training again. The progress I have made has given me a huge boost in confidence to improve further. Andy is a great coach, very well organised and is always there whenever I need any training/nutritional advice.”

Ricky Heath

“Can’t thank Andy enough for all the guidance and support he’s given me over the last few months! If you’re stuck in a rut like I was and need some help (a big kick up the arse) give him a shout. Nothing he doesn’t know about training and well being. I’ve lost a stone and gained muscle eating more than I was before”

Jonathan Knapp

Jonathan worked with me for 12 weeks in early 2022 and got some awesome results. His energy, strength, fitness and overall health all markedly improved and he was over the moon with how he looked at the end of the process. Well done, Jonathan!

Lauren Stone

“I’ve been working with Andy for over a year now and he’s been an amazing coach. I approached Andy to help coach me for my next bodybuilding competition in August 2019 after he came highly recommended from my previous personal trainer.

He helped me win my first UKBFF wellness show in August and was great throughout prep making sure I was on track with regular communication and check ins.

Throughout the whole process,  Andy has been so dedicated to my training with regular contact/ feedback , training and diet plans. He’s been extremely professional with constructive feedback for improving my physique and has helped me improve my confidence in my physique while pushing me to achieve the best stage physique I can!

His client service has been great and he has gone above and beyond helping me with all questions (including evenings!) From a knowledge point of view he really understands training, diet and muscle physiology principles. He’s understood my fitness goals and how we need to train and plan a diet to meet this goal.

Not only has he understood my fitness goals he understands that training goes beyond diet and exercise and we’ve been working on all aspects of performance including stress management. In the few months I’ve been working with Andy he’s helped me push myself beyond my previous limits and I’ve seen huge improvements in my physique in the time we’ve been working together.

Would highly recommend as a physique coach!”

Kyle Perry

Personal Trainer Sheffield“Came to Andy with no gym or personal trainer background and wasn’t too sure what to expect but I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every step of the way so far!

Andy has made it so that instead of dreading the gym, like most people do, you’re actually buzzing for it! And when you’re enjoying it – it’s easy to stick to! Win/win.

His knowledge of human anatomy and how each individual muscle is supposed to be trained allows him to emphasise on the full rep and let me tell you now, when you’re in that gym with Andy you feel every rep! He knows how to push you but also knows your limits! You’ll be cursing his name.

His services aren’t limited to the gym either, he’s always checking in with you out of hours making sure you’re sticking to the diet and offering all sorts of advice with the patience of a saint.

I couldn’t recommend Andy enough and would advise anyone looking for FAST GAINZ to hit him up!!”

Callum Prestwich

This is Callum. Callum came to me last year to learn how to train & eat properly to build muscle.

He’s a young guy, but listened & took on board everything I said and has done incredibly well in the time we’ve worked together.

He’s now pressing 42s which is catching me up so we’ll have to slow him down because my ego can’t take it.

Well done Callum 👏🏻

Jack Finnerty

Jack and I worked together in 2019 to achieve a fat loss goal while preserving (and growing) muscle tissue.

Having been unhappy with his body, Jack worked incredibly hard to achieve an unbelievable physique following my guidance on training, nutrition and recovery. Well done mate!

Nathan Walton-Williams

This is Nathan’s 12 week results. Now, obviously, Nathan was in decent nick before we started. So this isn’t the most eye-catching transformation you’ll ever see. But he came to me in March looking to build some muscle without adding much body fat and without compromising his competitive swimming performance.
Since then, he’s added 6.5lbs, not added much fat (at least I don’t think so, you be the judge), won multiple regional races, set swimming PBs and is a decent amount stronger. This is all on just 3 gym sessions a week.
He’s been hella consistent with everything I’ve asked him to do, and worked unbelievably hard. For a lad of 21, well, he puts me to shame that’s for sure.
Very proud of this guy 🙌🏻

Victoria Gill

“As a national standard competitor I need to be assisted by those who are able to push me beyond what I am capable of achieving when training on my own. Andy does exactly that. With his assistance I have been able to achieve my strongest personal bests on all of my major lifts where trust and reliability is paramount. Constantly adjusting my form and pushing  extra reps out, Andy really does help me maximise my capabilities in the gym. I am currently preparing for an International competition and couldn’t do so without his help. Exceptionally approachable, knowledgeable and positive I couldn’t recommend Andy highly enough as a trainer.”

Ashley Youle

“I’ve always considered Andy as an exquisite physique coach, however as a rugby league player and power lifter, I’ve been performance based rather than wanting a great physique – so I thought I’d throw Andy a curveball and ask him to put me a strength program together.

Of course he accepted the challenge and as always, he delivered the goods. A killer (and incredibly well and professionally put together) program that helped me in all my weaker areas and has had a huge impact on my recent performances, nothing is ever too much for him & he’s always willing to go above and beyond to help his clients in every way possible.

Cannot thank the man enough. Awesome coach with a great variety of knowledge and an all round great guy!”

Wayne Baxter

Wayne Before and After“12 months ago I did something that changed my life for the better. I nervously walked into a gym and haven’t looked back since. I got myself a coach – Andy Clements, that has pushed me further than ever with amazing training and nutrition plans and personal training sessions – and wow the weight has just dropped off. In 1 year I’ve managed to lose 3 and a half stone, gone from a size 36 waist to a size 28 and I feel fantastic, full of energy and much more confident in myself. It hasn’t been an easy journey – but when is it? I’ve had some great support from my family and Andy along the way, and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the next 12 months.”

Liam Kentish

“What can I say! Top service from a top guy!

Been with Andy for about 2 months now, prepping for my holiday, and I can honestly say I am in the best shape I have ever been in. He’s there all the way through the journey with you, any help or questions and he gives me not just an answer but an explanation as to why I should try it this way. If I ever have any problems with exercises or diet he is right there tweaking things to get the optimum results!

Will definitely be continuing after my holiday!”

James Hasson

“I’ve been training with Andy for a few months and he is without doubt a genuinely nice guy who knows his stuff and goes the extra mile for all of his clients. Highly recommended.

Steve Baggott

Steve BaggottIf you’re like I was, telling yourself your going to start training, but next week “from Monday” but you don’t, then suddenly the weeks are flying by and you keep putting it off, then before you know it your in your 30’s and you did nothing, maybe a couple of half arsed gym sessions or a jog to the shop for some beers. You need that extra push, somebody to teach you how to train and turn your life around, Andy Clements is a PT who works out of New Bodies in Doncaster, I recommend him hugely, he basically took me back to square one, this guys knowledge is incredible, forget what you think you know and let this guy guide you through your training I guarantee you will see results.”

Asil Ali

Asil has been working with me for the last 4 years and has completely transformed his body – but more importantly has gained the knowledge and understanding of how to maintain and progress it on his own. Well done, Asil!

Dan McGeoghan

“Since moving into strongman competitions, Andy has sorted my diet out, given me strength goals to work towards every week and my strength has improved drastically. My deadlift has improved by 120KG, and my bench and squat have improved by 40-50KG as well. From training with Andy I have an actual goal for every single session. I no longer go in the gym and throw a weight around for 3 sets of 10, I’m actually working on what I need to work on. I competed in Doncaster’s strongest man this year and after only 4 months of training placed 6th out of 16. I’d highly recommend training with Andy.”

Qasim Shabir

Qasim and I have worked together over the last 6 months to achieve weight loss, a healthier digestive system and a totally different physique.

Over the last 6 months, Qasim has had professional and personal hurdles to navigate, but has consistently stuck to the plan throughout and is enjoying the immense benefits on the other side. Proud of you buddy!

John Higginbottom

John was frustrated about his lack of results despite massive efforts when he first approached me in 2021.

Over the last 10 months of working together, he’s lost a stone in weight, improved his health and ability to handle stress through a tough period in his life. Well done John!

Alexandra Parker

Alexandra has been coming to see me for help with her training and nutrition since 2018 and she’s getting awesome results. Well done Alexandra!

Tracy Gannon

Tracy and I have worked together over the last year. During that time we’ve helped her to build muscle, improving the shape of her body and massively boosting her self confidence. Well done, Tracy!

Danny Carney

Danny has worked with me over the last year or so and together we’ve helped him build muscle, lose fat and learn the key principles involved in training intelligently. Well done, Danny!

Faisal Amir

When Faz first came to see me he was struggling with massive digestive issues, stress, back & joint pain, low energy & poor fitness – not to mention the fact he was really unhappy with his body. In the space of 12 weeks we transformed Faz’s health & physique, solving the digestive issues (bloating, stomach aches etc) with an intelligent approach to nutrition, reducing stress by improving sleep quality & managing external stressors. We also created an intelligent & sensible approach to training, laying the foundations with exercise execution and smart programming to develop a physique & solve the back & joint pain Faz was having. Faz is still training and running a sustainable lifestyle that allows him to raise a young family and still be in great shape. Awesome work, Faz.

Ryan McAllister

When I started working with Andy I had signed up for a tough mudder competition, which gave us about 6 months to completely sort me out. We had a really good 6 months and I saw a massive change. My fitness levels went through the roof, my mental attitude to every day life was a ton better.

50% was my own mentality, doing what he told me to do and 50% was Andy leading me and pushing me forwards every day. Highly recommended”

Tim Crabb

Tim has been working with me for around 2 months now, and has made some great progress which has seen his health, fitness, body composition, performance at work and performance on the football pitch all improve drastically. I’m looking forward to seeing what Tim can do over the next few months.

Mark S

“Over the last 3 months, Andy has been great.

After initially coming up with both diet and workout plans to suit my ‘lifestyle’, he has continued to monitor and adjust them to help me gain the best results to achieve my goal in the given timeframe.

He’s remained attentive to my individual requirements and has gone ‘out of his way’ voluntarily to ensure I received every PT session.

He’s been a great motivation and has given me some sound information about technique and the movements involved with every exercise.

Sound guy, would definitely recommend – Cheers mate!

Bradley Rimmington

Brad trained with me for 6 weeks leading up to his holiday in 2014. His goal was to get as lean and muscular as he could in this short time period and he was very happy with the results, going on to start his own career in personal training off the back of his coaching programme with me.

Merlin Mifsud

Merlin worked with me in early 2020 and got some great results. He worked with me purely online, no in-person sessions were carried out. Using weekly check-ins and daily contact we worked closely together to make sure he build muscle, lost fat and improved his health, strength & fitness as much as possible within the 4 week time frame we had.

Bradley Ashman

“The most reputable trainer in Doncaster/South Yorkshire as a whole. Endless amounts of knowledge and always goes that extra step for his clients. Want results? message Andy today.”

Owen Wedgwood

“I’ve been working with Andy for the past month, and strength has developed at an unreal rate! I’ve been in different training environments for years but after being hit and miss with training for the past year I now enjoy training again and pushing myself to the limit!

His planning and training style are brilliant, making sure I’m pushing myself to the last drop every session – I can barely walk out of the gym most sessions, I’m back to training with a purpose and it feels great!

I can’t fault Andy, I’m excited to see what position I can get myself in by the end of the year!”

Laura Sudbury

“Brilliant pt! Been going to the gym for years with no real results until Andy showed me what I was doing wrong and how to train the right way. Starting to see the results now”

Theresa Cox

“Why train with Andy – well it’s simple…

I want to achieve my goals and without Andy pushing me, correcting my technique and always encouraging me this would not be possible.

I have had fantastic results training with Andy, he is a great guy who always brings out the best in his clients. Thanks Andy”

Paul King

“I started training with Andy because I heard he was good with beginners, and as someone who was new to the gym environment I needed someone to teach me how to lift properly and give me a good starting block on my journey.

Having Andy as a PT has benefited me because he adapts and adjusts things to suit ME. My plans are suited to my abilities and specific requirements. I also have a lot more confidence in the gym environment – as a beginner & someone who was quite large I found the gym quite intimidating at first, but now I’m quite comfortable knowing what I’m doing.

I’d definitely recommend Andy as a coach and trainer – he’s helped give me a foundation that I’ll be able to take with me for years to come”

Rachael Rodgers

“So a review on Andy… Where to start! First of all, Andy is awesome (and he’s not paying me to say that). Even though he makes me want to cry sometimes in the gym he pushes me through encouragement and sarcasm. Sometimes he just needs a punch and he’s had one from me! But I have lost a stone in weight with his help and got stronger mentally and physically”

Richard Scott

“Anyone reading this considering a PT will not regret choosing Andy. I initially approached him to have one or two sessions to help me with some issues I was having and can honestly say he’s completely changed my approach to training.
Andy, although young, has so much knowledge and enthusiasm it’s obvious he has a genuine passion for the job which is infectious when training with him. Every session is different and I think I learnt something new every time.
Having previously felt a bit disillusioned with not seeing results, since following Andys advice I have started to feel and see a lot of changes and couldn’t be happier to finally be on the right track.

Is it easy…NO! Will you see results?…. YES!”

Debbie Littledyke

Debbie trained with me throughout 2014 and got some awesome results, shedding body fat and developing some great shape to go with it.

Darren Smith

PT- Session Photo“I have trained with Andy on and off for a couple of years, his attention to detail in respect of finding exactly what you wish to achieve and providing a personal program is second to none. The most knowledgeable trainer I have worked with, Andy will certainly get you results!”

Rebecca Henry

“Andy has provide me with one to one training sessions and a bespoke plan to supplement & support my Ultra Running training. I found his knowledge and advise second to none. He is affable, approachable and a genuinely nice guy.”