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Free 6 Week Workout Plan

This free 6 week workout plan is my ultimate workout plan for beginners. In this introductory plan, I give you the exact steps to building your workouts from the ground up. We build up in 2 week stages from a complete beginner level, right through to advanced athlete. Click the link below to grab yours today (it’s free):

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Free Videos On Muscle Building, Fat Loss & Health Optimisation

My YouTube channel is home to some of the best free information on building more muscle, losing fat, optimising your health and smashing your fitness goals in less time. Click the link below to check it out – and don’t forget to subscribe:

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Free Podcasts On Building Muscle

Around 3-4 times per week I release new episodes of my world-class muscle building podcast, Muscle Building Mastery. These episodes are between 10 and 30 minutes long, and are designed to give you quick, direct and useful information that you can take into the gym and apply straight away. Check it out on Apple Or Spotify here:

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Free Quick Fitness Tips

I upload quick and easy fitness/muscle building tips on my Instagram page 2-3x per day. These are thoughtful posts to give you advice on your approach to fitness as well as workout videos to help you in the gym. Give me a follow here:

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