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Personal training in Doncaster has always had a lot of choice – there’s no shortage of personal trainers in Doncaster – but quality coaches that actually care about your results are few and far between.

It is my mission to make personal training in Doncaster among the best in the country. My goal with each and every client that comes through my doors is not only to get them in the best shape of their lives, improving their health, fitness, strength, body shape and self confidence, but also to take them through an educational process whereby they understand the principles and methodologies involved in creating and maintaining a fantastic physique by themselves.

That’s right – my goal is for you to not need me anymore!

My methodologies with clients are different to many other personal trainers.

I think the most important part of personal training is making it just that – personal. Cookie cutter and one size fits all programs might work up to a point, but they aren’t personalised to your plans, goals and specific biomechanical requirements. You can download a generic plan for free online, but it won’t be tailored to you. I believe personal training in Doncaster needs to be more personal, and that’s what I’m trying to do with my business.

In my experience, personal training in Doncaster has always been a ‘pay per hour’ model. This is massively flawed and leaves you out of pocket and with minimal results – let me explain why.

When you pay for an hour of a trainer’s time, that’s all you get – a workout. When you hire a coach, you get someone who can methodically take you through the process of changing your body shape, learning how to train with accuracy, intensity and intelligent programming, giving you nutritional plans that suit your lifestyle, routines and personal preference while still getting results, and extra support, check ins and accountability.

A coach who knows how to get results will look after every aspect of your life that could be a limiting factor for you getting results. Whether it’s training, nutrition, sleep, hydration, mobility, stress management or anything in between.

That’s what I want to add to personal training in Doncaster. The aspect of actually making it ‘personal’.

So if you’re ready to start working towards your fitness goals, don’t get a generic cookie cutter program from the internet that will leave you disappointed and out of pocket. Hire a coach that is willing to take the time to tailor plans to YOUR goals, physique and specific needs, and actually cares about your results.

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