Meet Liam – One of the kindest, most hard working lads I’ve ever had the pleasure of coaching.


I first started doing a few bits of work with Liam a couple of years ago, but our best work together came this year (2018) in the run up to his holiday over the summer.


For 8 weeks Liam put his head down and did exactly as I asked of him. We manipulated his training, nutrition, daily steps, cardio, sleep and managed stress accordingly. We left no stone unturned in the time we had available and the lad got in fantastic shape as a result and was really happy with how he looked for his holiday.

Liam says one of the most valuable aspects of us working together for him has been the knowledge he’s gained with both training and nutrition – how muscle building isn’t just about mindlessly swinging weights around and eating chicken and rice 8 times a day.


I’d just like to add a massive well done to Liam and I hope he takes the knowledge and lessons we’ve learned together and go from strength to strength with his physique and the rest of his life. Top bloke.


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