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Welcome To Andy Clements Fitness

My mission is to help as many people as possible develop their physique, increase their confidence and get in the best shape of their lives.
If your goal is to build a great physique, improve your strength, fitness, muscularity and get leaner – I can help.

Kyle Perry

“Came to Andy with no gym or personal trainer background and wasn’t too sure what to expect but I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed every step of the way so far! Andy has made it so that instead of dreading the gym, like most people do, you’re actually buzzing for it! And when you’re enjoying it – it’s easy to stick to! Win/win. His knowledge of human anatomy and how each individual muscle is supposed to be trained allows him to emphasise on the full rep and let me tell you now, when you’re in that gym with Andy you feel every rep! He knows how to push you but also knows your limits! You’ll be cursing his name. His services aren’t limited to the gym either, he’s always checking in with you out of hours making sure you’re sticking to the diet and offering all sorts of advice with the patience of a saint. I couldn’t recommend Andy enough and would advise anyone looking for FAST GAINZ to hit him up!!”

Sam Smith

Steve Baggott

If you’re like I was, telling yourself your going to start training, but next week “from Monday” but you don’t, then suddenly the weeks are flying by and you keep putting it off, then before you know it your in your 30’s and you did nothing, maybe a couple of half arsed gym sessions or a jog to the shop for some beers. You need that extra push, somebody to teach you how to train and turn your life around, Andy Clements is a PT who works out of New Bodies in Doncaster, I recommend him hugely, he basically took me back to square one, this guys knowledge is incredible, forget what you think you know and let this guy guide you through your training I guarantee you will see results.

Steve Baggott

The 5 Pillars Of Physique Development

Andy Clements Fitness Instructor

In order to simplify the process of building a great physique, I’ve narrowed down it down to the 5 essential, non-negotiable factors you must follow – which I’m calling ‘The 5 Pillars Of Physique Development’.

Pillar 1: Exercise Execution

Before anything else – the first prerequisite to developing your physique is proper exercise execution. When I take on a new client, the first thing I focus on is helping them nail down their execution of movements straight away. This lays the foundations for everything to come.

Pillar 2: Programming & Periodisation

Intelligent programming is another vital component of physique development. Knowing how to structure a training plan to create the right balance of frequency, intensity, recovery, and scheduled ‘back off’ segments is crucial to your progress.

Pillar 3: Intensity & Progression

Once you have the foundations in place, you then need to have scope to progress. When I coach clients to improve their physique, we utilise progressive overload to get stronger over time and increase the intensity of workouts for continued progression.

Pillar 4: Intelligent Eating

A lot of trainers and coaches preach that the only important thing when it comes to nutrition is your level of calories and macronutrients. While this is important, it’s just one part of the puzzle. Your approach to nutrition should be intelligent and structured towards your goals, and have all bases covered from fuelling muscles to optimising health.

Pillar 5: Optimising Recovery

This is the area most people fall down with. Everyone thinks they’re superman and can train as much and as hard as they want without any thought for how they will recover. You’re only as good as what you can recover from, and constantly making your body sore, inflamed and damaged isn’t the best way to develop a physique if you can’t quickly recover from it. Here we optimise your recovery mechanisms and get you firing on all cylinders so you can get on with the job of improving your body.

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It’s Not Easy, But It Is Simple

Building muscle isn’t as complicated as you might think. It’s very straight forward – but it takes effort, commitment, and most of all – consistency.

Book in for your consultation today and I’ll talk you through the process of setting up a training plan specific to your body and goals, reorganising your nutritional approach and finally packing some muscle on your frame.

What Does My Consultation Involve?

  • A completely free 1-1 meeting with me, where we’ll talk through your goals, what you’re doing now and how you can change it to improve your physique
  • An opportunity to get hands on in the gym and learn any movements you’re struggling with
  • We’ll go through nutritional strategies, how you can leverage your food to increase your muscle mass and keep your body fat as low as possible
  • An opportunity to work with me on a 1-1 coaching basis to level up your physique

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